Asurion, Your Technology Protection Company

Asurion is for you, for your constantly-shifting schedule. It’s for staying connected with the people who mean the most to you, and protecting the important information and memories you’ve created.

With at least 1 mobile phone in everyone’s pocket and an average of 25 consumer electronics in every home, let’s face it, technology is an integral part of our daily life. Asurion focuses on two essentials to keep your world running smoothly:

First, mobile protection provides cell phone users with rapid replacement coverage, device location and data management tools, along with ongoing live tech support to care for your privacy, productivity, socializing and even entertainment.

Second, home-product protection provides repair and replacement coverage for all things electronic, from appliances to treadmills, tablets to TVs, we keep your home and lifestyle in harmony.

Through wireless carriers, retailers and consumer services companies across the world, Asurion’s 10,000+ employees  help you get the most from your equipment, and strive to evolve and improve our support as technology progresses. help for parents This is protection and service and peace of mind, designed entirely to enhance you. We deliver solutions that ensure your purchases continue to make your life easier, more connected and more rewarding.

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